Best Mountain Bike Reviews For Off-Road Cycling

About Mountain Bike

It was back in 1966 that mountain bikes were introduced as mountain bicycles for freewheel-cycling down mountain trials. These bikes became popular four years later in the 1970s when the sport of mountain biking was developed. Due to the emergence of many new subtypes of this sport, there are also different types of mountain bikes available too, which makes it necessary to compare best mountain bikes when buying one.

Best Mountain Bike Reviews:

mountain-bicycles A mountain bike (MTB) is a bicycle designed for off-road cycling. It is typically possible to ride mountain bikes on fire roads, logging roads, single track rails and other unpaved environments. Commonly, loose gravel, loose sand, roots, ruts, steep grades and washouts are included in these types of terrains. Therefore, mountain bikes are built such that this terrain and the included obstacles, such as logs, smaller boulders, and vertical drop offs, can be handled by them.

Why You Need A Mountain Bike?

Mountain bikes happen to be extremely versatile. You can use them to cruise the bike path, haul groceries home or tour the world. However, above all, if you have a mountain bike, then you will be able to ride along dirt trails. If you are into off-road cycling or you want to indulge in the sport of mountain biking, then you will definitely need a mountain bike. So you should know how to compare mountain bikes and about the things to consider.

What To Consider When Buying Mountain Bike?

If you want to be a savvy mountain bike shopper, then you should put some thought into it and lay down the cash only for the mountain bike that is best for. So consider the following when buying a mountain bike:
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Best Mountain Bike Jerseys Reviewed

Best-Mountain-Bike-Jerseys What are the benefits of mountain bike jerseys when riding a mountain bike? First of all, jerseys manufactured from suitable material are designed to wick-up sweat that you produce when you ride, keeping you dry and comfortable while you ride.

Of course, you want the jersey to dry quickly, not hold the sweat that it absorbs which could make it heavy and weigh you down when you are trying to ride. Another important factor is chafing. Do the seams cause chafing on the skin when you ride your bike for long trips? Mountain biking involves a lot of ups and downs and bumpy riding, so you want the jersey to sit in place as it should and not ride up your body as you move. Continue reading

Best Mountain Bike Helmet – Benefits of Using Helmet

What are the benefits of using a helmet when riding a mountain bike?

Since a lot of the terrain you will be covering may involve downhill slopes and rough terrain, you will need to protect yourself with the correct gear. One important protection measure is a solid helmet that provides you with protection while not being too hot.

Giro Feature - Best Mountain Bike HelmetFull faced helmets (BMX style) tend to be heavy and too hot for the average rider. The one thing that a full faced helmet offers over the regular style bike helmet is protection for the rider’s jaw and face, and if you are concerned about going over the handlebars and breaking your jaw, then you should consider a full faced helmet. For the avid rider, there is not much occasion for flying over the handlebars, but as a new rider, you may want to ensure that you have as much protection as possible.
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Top 5 of Diamondback Mountain Bikes

There are a number of great ways to stay in shape, but few are as fun as riding a bicycle. Not only do you get a great cardio workout, you get the freedom to explore exciting new places in the process. If you really want to get a real sense of adventure while riding on 2 wheels, there may be no better way than investing in a quality mountain bike. These are designed to withstand terrain that is a lot more difficult to navigate than your standard paved road. If it’s your goal to travel off the beaten path by bike, then you need to invest in a mountain bike over all others.

Diamondback Mountain Bikes experience

Mountain bikes are incredibly popular, which means you will be spoilt for choice when it comes time to choose the one that you want. One brand where you can be pretty much assured of getting a great ride are Diamondback mountain bikes. They have a proven track record of making fantastic bikes, but they also have a ton of different models to choose from.

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Giant Mountain Bike Reviews

Giant Mountain Bike Reviews – High-Quality Mountain Bikes From The Largest Bicycle Manufacturer In The World

Giant is regarded as the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world, with manufacturing facilities in China, Netherlands, and Taiwan. The collection of Giant mountain bikes includes bikes for a variety of riding styles, such as on-road, x-road, off-road, and even bikes for women. Recently, the company made a very bold decision in its history to add 27.5-inch wheels to most of 2014 model lineup.

About Giant Mountain Bikes – The Company

giant logo

It was back in 1972 when Giant was founded with the goal of creating a better global cycling experiencing. The company was founded by craftsmen and engineers who took advantage of their strengths to make cycling more accessible and enjoyable for people all over the world by doing what they did best. They followed three guiding principles in their quest to make the cycling experience better, namely craftsmanship, innovation and inspiration. As the top bike manufacturer, Giant has won design awards, while their mountain bikes have own world championships too. Above all, Giant has won the hearts of riders who have made cycling a part of their lives. Their motto is to ride like a “GIANT.” Continue reading

Mongoose Mountain Bike Reviews

Mongoose Mountain Bike Reviews – Ride The Mountain Bikes That The Pros Ride

It was BMX Products, Inc. that had originally started designing, manufacturing, and selling performance bicycles under the Mongoose brand name. Back in 2001, the Mongoose brand name was sold to Pacific Cycle. Ever since then a wide range of mountain bikes and their performance parts have been developed by the company. Today, several models of Mongoose mountain bikes are available, which are produced using lightweight alloys and magnesium.

About Mongoose Mountain Bikes – The Company

Mongoose Mountain Bikes CompanyIn the past 40 years or so, Mongoose bicycles have been ridden in the dirt, off the ramps and o the trails. It was back in 1974 that the Mongoose brand was established in a Southern California garage. Ever since then, the brand has been aggressive when it comes to producing bicycles that push the limit of what can be achieved by a rider. Whether it is the biggest hit on the mountain or in the park, or even in an urban jungle, only the most durable products are produced by this authentic brand that are built for true riders. From their earlier products to their current lineup of BMX, Mountain and Urban bikes, the Mongoose name has become synonymous with high-quality bicycles.

What To Consider When Buying Mongoose Mountain Bikes?

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Orbea Mountain Bike Reviews

Orbea Mountain Bike Reviews – Comfortable & Lightweight Mountain Bikes Built For Adventuring

Orbea is a Spanish bicycle manufacturer. Prior to the 1930s, Orbea was producing guns and rifles, but later started producing bicycles. Orbea is the largest bicycle manufacturer in Spain. The steel-framed Orbea mountain bikes are made of Columbus tubing. Mountain bikes from Orbea are also supplied to professional teams as well. For instance, the cross-country mountain biker Julien Absalon was riding on an Orbea Ordu whe he won the mountain bike gold.

About Orbea Mountain Bikes – The Company

Orbea Mountain Bikes LogoOrbea has always looked at the future and has evolved to take up new challenges. They are more than just a factory of bicycles; they are escape, freedom and style. It was after 1920 when first the bicycles were produced by their factory, and in the late 1960s the company expanded to become a part of Mondragon Corporation. Orbea even have has its mountain bike team. Between 1990 and 2002, they began selling bicycles at the global level. Additionally, this decade was filled with great experiences for Orbea since as they showed continuous support to new teams. Between 2003 and 2011, they launched new product lines, such as cycling apparel, helmets, etc. Over the years, Orbea has retained its commitment to providing quality bicycles and other products. Continue reading

Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews

Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews – Casual Mountain Bikes For Men & Women At Low Prices

Huffy-bicycles-logo The Huffy Corporation is a bicycle importer and manufacturer from the United States that specializes in inexpensive and mass-market bicycles. Huffy mountain bikes are produced for general mountain bike riding. Moreover, the mountain bikes from Huffy are built for more casual riders who are into casual mountain biking. The mountain bikes from Huffy are affordable and mass-produced, offering excellent value, which makes them a good starting place if you are interested in buying a mountain bike that will not break the bank.

About Huffy Mountain Bikes – The Company

It was back in 1892 that Huffy first opened doors, with emphasis on finding better and new ways to make mountain biking affordable and enjoyable for practically everyone. Over the years, more than tens of millions of bicycle enthusiasts all over the world have found one reason or the other to ride on one of the bicycles from Huffy. Huffy has pioneered quite a few important innovations in the market of bicycles in order meet the ever changing reasons people choose to ride. Huffy bikes have been capturing the imagination of both adults and children. According to Huffy, they have been giving people great reasons to ride a bicycle and they know bikes! Continue reading

Pacific Cycle Mountain Bike Reviews

Pacific Cycle Mountain Bike Reviews – The Widest Range Of Mountain Bikes In The Entire Bicycle Industry

Pacific Cycle Mountain Bikes Pacific Cycle, Inc. is an importer and distributor of bicycles. The company is a pioneer in the distribution of bicycles from the Far East in the United States, having developed relationships with suppliers in China and Taiwan. Currently, several well known bicycle brands are owned by the company, and it sells far more bicycles, including Pacific Cycle Mountain Bikes, than any other North American company.

About Pacific Cycle Mountain Bikes – The Company

Pacific Cycle do not see their company merely as a bicycle factory, rather they see themselves as an international designer workshop where bicycles are designed. They have a staff comprising of 100 individuals, and 20 of those individuals are the engineers. The aim of the company is to foster long relationships with anyone who opts to buy and ride their bicycles. They even encourage their customers to suggest new ideas so they can dreams and visions of bicycle enthusiasts to life. According to them, this is what has enabled them to hone a unique business strategy through which a powerful R&D platform is provided to more than 40 renowned bicycle brands from around the world. Continue reading

Ghost Mountain Bike Reviews

Ghost Mountain Bike Reviews – How to Choose the Best Ghost Mountain Bike

Ghost Mountain Bike LogoGhost mountain bikes have a long history. Exceptional quality, highest safety standards and cutting-edge technology are the driving factors behind Ghost Bicycle’s success. The company was established in 1993 in Waldsassen, Northern Bavaria, it has attracted very loyal following and has become the favorite companion of mountaineers. Ghost has been the go-to mountain bike for mountaineers for almost twenty years. Their durability and light weight frame make them ideal for rough mountainous terrain.

Ghost Mountain Bike Review – Value For Money And Benefit of A Mountain Bike?

By going for a mountain bike, you can add fun and excitement to your life. There are various levels in mountain biking. In order to excel in the sport, you should have a flair for adventure and you should have the team spirit to enjoy the race. You will go through various kinds of rough terrain as part of competitions. In order to compete, a great deal of patience is required. A sense of achievement can be derived when you go through the beautiful outdoors where you are exposed to fresh breeze and being away from the traffic and pollution caused by the city environment. Ghost mountain bikes can help you to pursue your hobby in an efficient manner, as you will be able to purchase high quality bikes from Ghost without having to worry about your bike breaking down on you. Continue reading